Shopping info

Adding an item to shopping cart

To buy an item, please click on the button “add to basket” next to the item. Selected item is automatically added to the basket. To confirm your order, please fill in contact fields, choose the way of delivery and place your order.

Colours of the products may slightly differ from what you see on the photos. After adding item to the basket, you can still look around on the website and add other products to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart you may keep reviewing your selection and adjust the order or delete items. NB! Until the checkout process is completed (i.e. the goods are paid for), the items in your cart remain available also to other customers.

In case a product that you placed in your shopping was sold before completion of checkout by you, we suggest that you contact us by sending e-mail to so that we can agree when we could get it to stock and can deliver to you.

Contract is coming into force from the moment that payment arrives at the bank account of the OÜ Uduhall.

If it’s not possible to deliver ordered products to the buyer because it was no longer is stock or for another reason, we will inform the buyer immediately and return the payment made (with the sum paid for delivering of the product) not later that 14 days after sending an information to buyer.

Making an order

To finalize your order, please press the button “Checkout”. Next, please fill in the billing and shipping address and complete the process by clicking on “Submit Order”. It’s important that you fill all the fields. The more accurate the information you provide, the quicker the package arrives.

After receiving your order, you’ll get confirmation letter by e-mail that gives and overview of the placed order (products, quantity, and delivery method chosen by you). An invoice will be sent no later than 24 hours after submitting of your order. Products that will be completed according to your specific order, must be paid for in advance to the bank account of OÜ Uduhall EE292200221063984803 in Swedbank.