Blue green pants with white swallows, size 86-92 cm.

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In these soft 100% alpaca yarn pants your child feels always warm and comfortable. Pants are so soft like baby kitten and your child is happy to wear knittings.


Pants from 100% alpaca yarn for the children in size 86-92 cm.

Pants are knitted from medium thickness alpaca yarn. Product can be used under the outdoor clothing and is also good to use as an individual cloth. On the upper edge of the pants there is wide elastic. Lower edges of the pants are holding softly around child’s legs. Between the legs there is an extra knitted piece that enables better movement and comfort.


  1. Lenght of the trousers: 54 cm
  2. Inside length of the leg: 28 cm

Product features

Very soft, allergy free, is not tickling, good thermal characteristics, does not shrink very much in the wash.


Handwash with temperature up to 30 °C. Don’t twist after wash, just press sofly. Dry horizontally. Do not iron.



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